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Festival of South Asia INC

  • Holi Fest 2018


Werribee Racecourse


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The new faces of Festivals of South Asia INC

Festival finds brand ambassadors in twins Jane and Margaret Pridmore Australian twins Jane and Margaret Pridmore are best friends but don’t have very much in common. While Jane has a masters in Fashion Design, Margaret is all about playing tennis and studying business. But there is one thing that the[…]

Excellence at Every Step.

Hari Yellina is a successful property investor and strategist in Australia and India. He manages a group of companies involving exports, farming and real estate and is the Secretary and Founding member of Festivals of South Asia Inc (FOSAI), which is among the largest not-for-profit organisations in Melbourne. In 2008.[…]

SAAVN Festival of Colours : Thousand’s attend Holi Celebrations

For the second year in a row, the Holi Fest celebrated the festival of Colours in its grandeur in Wyndham. This year, the event was celebrated under the name of Saavn Festival of Colours and hosted on 19 March at the Werribee Race Course, with 10,000 people attending to celebrate India’s traditional festival.[…]

Time to forget differences and work together: Dr Udit Raj

Indians in Australia should forget their differences and work together as one entity for their betterment in Australia, according to Dr Udit Raj, MP from North West Delhi Parliamentary constituency. Speaking to a gathering of BJP supporters and media, Dr Raj who is on a personal visit to Australia, praised[…]

Join the Jamboree #IndiaDay2015

It’s August and the Festivals of South Asia Inc (FOSAI) is set to rock Wyndham with three back-to-back festivals. The two days of festivities at Werribee Race Course — which include the India Day, South Asian Food Festival and International Food Festival — begin on 15 August to coincide with[…]