Indians need to work as one for Australia: Delhi MP

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Indians need to work as one for Australia: Delhi MP

Indians in Australia should forget their differences and work together as one entity for their betterment in Australia, according to Dr Udit Raj, MP from North West Delhi Parliamentary constituency. Speaking to a gathering of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporters and media, Dr Raj who is on a personal visit to Australia, praised the work done by Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) in bringing the community together.

“I’ve heard there’s a lot of infighting in the community in some cities. This infighting is not going to take us anywhere as a minority group. We need to dedicate our time to work together and improve our standing in the wider Australian community,” said Dr Raj, who represents a constituency in Delhi that has over 5 million residents.
The dinner was hosted by OFBJP Australia and Festivals of South Asia (FOSAI) jointly at Food Sutra.

Talking about his travels through Victoria, Dr Raj said: “I was quite pleased to see the standard of living in the country side here. If Australia can have such quality of life in the country, India should bring the same quality of life to our villages. There’s a lot we can learn from each other and this is one area where there can be collaboration.”
On the Smart City projects in India, Dr Raj said: “Smart Cities are not left to one builder alone. It is done by consortium and we request Australians to come forward to contribute to the development of smart cities.”

Emphasising the importance of being loyal to Australia, Dr Raj said: “Your first love and sense of loyalty should always be with Australia. But you also have a duty to contribute to the growth of India. I call on Indians in Australia to contribute to Swachh Bharat.” Dr Raj is travelling with his wife Seema, the Income Tax Commissioner in Delhi. Dr Raj also praised former Victorian Premier Mr Ted Baillieu and hoped that someday the Australian government will have Baillieu as the Ambassador to India.
Dr Raj wished Raashi Kapoor luck for the upcoming Miss Australia Pageant before concluding his remarks.
In his remarks to the gathering, Vijeth Shetty from OFBJP said: “Indians in Australia have great quality of life where we have spare time in hand. We must contribute at least 10 per cent of our time to community work.”

Shetty also added that OF BJP will lobby the Federal government to ease visa rules for Indians to work in Australia.
Hari Yellina from FOSAI thanked Dr Raj and Seema Raj for making time to address the gathering. Yellina said: “FOSAI has worked on building a very solid cultural foundation for the Indian community in Australia through festivals. We want to work towards giving an opportunity for Indians living in Australia to experience the magic of festivals of India. Through festivals we can also promote Indian culture to the wider Australian community.”

Siddharth Suresh from The Indian Sun said: “Members of the OFBJP have selflessly promoted the cause of Indians in Australia and have ensured that there is less infighting between various groups working to represent Indians. They have acted as a group that binds various cultural, religious and political groups for one cause.”
Ashwin Pareek Bora, Shivesh Pandey, Prajesh Goswami and Amith Karnath from OFBJP were present at the function. Former adviser to Victorian Premier Nitin Gupta, Sarika Prakash from FOSAI and Srikanth Balan from The Indian Sun also attended the event.

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