South Asian Food Festival

Festival of South Asia INC

South Asian Food Festival


South Asian / Indian Food Festival on 15th August 2015

Indian food is much more than butter chicken and kormas. It’s more than tandoor and rotis. For the first time ever, Victoria will witness a festival celebrating India’s rich culinary heritage. This is your chance to go on a journey into the history of Indian and South Asian food. Following the success of a massive Holi Fest organised by Festivals of South Asia Inc, Indian Food Festival is a new journey by Victoria’s reputed event organisers. The event will host spice markets, culinary classes, Indian sweet and savoury delights, kebabs, momos and other interesting Indian food items. At the live culinary classes, you can learn how to make a dosa, try out your favourite curry and learn about the beer and wine that’s most suitable for the Indian palate. So do not miss out to celebrate Victoria’s fastest growing cuisine.
The event will also feature amusement rides, pottery workshop, face painting and games.

India Day South Asia Food Festival